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Tell Congress: Support REHYA & YASHS!

We’re calling on Congress to support the Real Education for Healthy Youth Act & the Youth Access to Sexual Health Services Act. And we need you to do
the same.

The Real Education for Healthy Youth Act (REHYA) would create the first-ever federal funding stream for comprehensive sexuality education in the U.S. REHYA also eliminates funding for failed abstinence-only “Sexual Risk Avoidance” programs, and redirects that money to fund programs that don’t stigmatize young people who are sexually active and don’t shame LGBTQ youth.

The Youth Access to Sexual Health Services Act (YASHS) would help break down barriers that prevent already marginalized young people–like young people of color, immigrant youth, LGBTQ youth, youth in foster care, homeless youth, and young people in juvenile detention–from accessing the sexual and reproductive health care that they need.

It is past time young people receive the accurate, inclusive, and empowering sex education and related care that they deserve. Let’s tell Congress to support these bills and make it happen.