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Uganda Refuses to Bow to United Nations Pressure to Accept Homosexuality

Thaddeus M. Baklinski,

KAMPALA, April 6, 2009 ( – Ugandan Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity Dr. James Nsaba Buturo has accused the United Nations of a surreptitious mission to impose acceptance of homosexuality on sovereign countries and said that Uganda will not bow to international pressure to legalize "abnormal practices."

"Uganda will not be forced to legalize practices that are illegal, unnatural and abnormal," he told a press briefing on Friday.

"At the United Nations there are attempts by some nations to impose homosexuality on the rest of us," Mr. Buturo told reporters. "We have learned that they want to smuggle in provisions on homosexuality."

Mr. Buturo said he had spoken with Uganda’s representative to the UN, directing him to stand firm against intimidation and pressure to change Uganda’s laws which uphold traditional marriage and natural sexuality.

"Yesterday I spoke to [Uganda’s UN] ambassador Ruhakana Rugunda and reminded him of Uganda’s position, which opposes legalisation of homosexuality," the minister said.

Dr. Buturo notes that Uganda and other countries that do not support homosexuality will cooperate to form a defense against those who are promoting it. "They have no right to call us names, to call us extremists; we shall talk to countries with whom we share the same belief on not legalizing homosexuality."

The minister warned that homosexual indoctrination and recruitment was taking place in some schools under the guise of humanitarian relief organizations, saying: "Many lies are being peddled. Such lies include foolish claims that some people are born as homosexuals. They are busy enticing Ugandans to join them. This is causing great concern among Ugandans."

"It is the duty of Ugandans to be vigilant because agents of immorality are busy using all lies and deceptions to hurt our society."

While homosexual activity is illegal in the country, it was reported that the government is making preparations to enact an amendment to the law that will make it a criminal offense to promote homosexuality as well.

The Family Life Network of Uganda held a seminar last month, titled "Exposing the Truth behind Homosexuality and the Homosexual Agenda," which focused on "reliable and up to date information so that people can know how to protect themselves, their children, and their families from homosexuality."

The executive director of Family Life Network, Stephen Langa, said in a press release that the seminar provided insight on the causes and treatment of homosexuality, gave practical tips on how to prevent homosexual behavior in youth, and most importantly, exposed the tactics, strategy and methods of recruitment of the homosexualist movement.

"A well funded and well organized homosexual machinery is taking one country after another by de-criminalizing homosexual practices in those countries and legalizing gay marriages in some of them. Uganda is now under extreme pressure to de-criminalize homosexuality," Langa stated.