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Statement of SIECUS President and CEO, Joseph DiNorcia, Jr., on his Departure from SIECUS


Dear Friends and Colleagues –
It is with a mixture of nostalgia and anticipation that I write this letter to you. 
After 6 years enjoying the great privilege of being President and CEO of SIECUS and a total of 20 years moving our mission forward, it is time for a change. At SIECUS I’ve had the most wonderful, exciting, and challenging years of my life. Together, SIECUS and I have responded to the demand to ensure that everyone has access to accurate, evidence-based information and education about sexuality. As I look back to the ever- shifting landscape from the early 90’s through today, I am somewhat overwhelmed; mainly by the fact that while so very much has changed, a lot has remained the same.  Our response and focus needed to evolve, but always guided by our mission.  As I leave, I am proud to have been a small part of “the future” by helping pave the way for federal funding of sexuality education programs. This milestone will enable millions of young people to have the resources and develop the skills they so desperately need.
With this, I am resigning from SIECUS.  I will be leaving at the end of September and my longtime colleague Monica Rodriguez will be taking over as Interim President and CEO. Monica has been and continues to be one of the nations’ leading sexuality educators and I have every confidence that with Monica’s leadership, SIECUS will continue to grow and be the driving force for comprehensive sexuality education.
I will continue to support SIECUS and in particular, Monica and Jason Osher during a short transition period. After that, I will begin the next chapter in my life and explore the new opportunities that are presented to me. 
So, my thanks to you with whom I have had the great pleasure of working with during my time at SIECUS. I am excited to see what offers come my way and where I can best utilize my skills and talents. I have no doubt that wherever I end up, I will continue to cross paths with many of you in the years ahead.
You can continue to reach me at SIECUS until September 30th. Beginning October 1st, you can reach me at