Sexuality Education

SIECUS stands with Dreamers, rejects decision to end DACA

For Immediate Release
September 5, 2017

Contact: Zach Eisenstein
Phone: (202) 265-2405 ext 333

Statement by Sexuality Information and Education Council of United States (SIECUS) President & CEO, Chitra Panjabi:

“The Administration’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is unacceptable, inhumane, and rooted in racism. As an organization that works to ensure young people have the tools they need to lead healthy lives, we are horrified not only by this decision, but also by the dehumanizing language used to justify it. Turning away immigrants goes against our values of inclusiveness and respect. SIECUS will continue to support and stand with Dreamers.

Immigrant youth in this country already face countless health-related barriers including: racism, discrimination, access to care, a lack of knowledgeable health care providers, cost of care, and stigma. Rescinding DACA creates an environment of fear and anxiety for immigrant youth—something that will undoubtedly take a profound toll on their overall health and wellbeing.

Today, the Administration told 800,000 Dreamers that they don’t belong in the United States—a place that, for many, is the only home they have ever known. Instead of working to force these young people out, our policymakers should be improving resources and opportunities to build them up. SIECUS will continue to advocate for and vigorously defend the rights of immigrant communities across the nation. We stand firm in our commitment to create a world that ensures social justice for all.

We sincerely hope that Congress will make the conscionable choice to reject this decision.”


SIECUS affirms that sexuality is a fundamental part of being human, one that is worthy of dignity and respect. We advocate for the right of all people to accurate information, comprehensive education about sexuality, and sexual health services. SIECUS works to create a world that ensures social justice and sexual rights.