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SIECUS Commemorates World AIDS Day 2010

Statement of SIECUS President and CEO, Monica Rodriguez, on World AIDS Day 2010


At SIECUS, each World AIDS Day is an opportunity to pause in our work and reflect on and reaffirm our commitment to our mission. We remember and think of the colleagues, friends, family, and others who have been touched by the pandemic. Not just those who have died, but those who are living, thriving, and fighting, as well as those who have been left behind to carry on as best they can. We choose to draw strength from the memories that we hold close to us and continue to do whatever we can, however we can, to combat HIV/AIDS around the globe. As advocates working towards a world without HIV/AIDS, each World AIDS Day is a sober occasion to take stock of what we have achieved and where we have fallen short over the past year.
This year, the theme of World AIDS Day is Universal Access & Human Rights—that is universal access to HIV and AIDS prevention, care, and treatment and recognizing these as fundamental human rights. The old adage “information is power” still rings true. SIECUS is committed to continuing to fight for the recognition of education as a fundamental right. From the very beginning of our lives to the very end we are all sexual beings and deserve the right to accurate information that will help us achieve optimal sexual health.   When comprehensive sexuality education is universal, rather than a privilege, we are confident that empowered people across the globe will be better able to protect themselves and take charge of their health decisions. Comprehensive sexuality education is HIV prevention and we need to continue to make it a reality for everyone.
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