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SIECUS and the Abortion Freedom Fund team up with Wisp to Host Art for Abortion Fundraiser

For Immediate Release
Jan 9th, 2023
Contact: Michelle Slaybaugh

SIECUS and the Abortion Freedom Fund team up with Wisp to Host Art for Abortion Fundraiser

Miami, FL – Today, SIECUS: Sex Ed for Social Change and the Abortion Freedom Fund are partnering with Wisp, the leading sexual and reproductive telehealth service, on the Art for Abortion fundraiser.

In response to continued reproductive health restrictions in the state of Florida, the Art for Abortion Fundraiser will take place on January 12th at Showfields, where Oakland-based artist Corinne Smith will create an original piece of art with proceeds benefiting SIECUS and the Abortion Freedom Fund. The art auction will be livestreamed and throughout the event, SIECUS and the Abortion Freedom Fund will discuss the importance of taking action to protect the sexual and reproductive rights of all people. This fundraiser is open to the public, and raffle tickets and donations can be made directly at this link:

“We applaud Wisp for organizing the Art for Abortion fundraiser to support SIECUS and the Abortion Freedom Fund to promote reproductive health and rights,” said Christine Soyong Harley, President, and CEO of SIECUS: Sex Ed for Social Change. “We understand that the recent surge in aggressive, hateful attacks on sex education and abortion access directly coincide with misinformation efforts to undermine our Constitutional rights and Democracy.”

“This includes legislation and other efforts here in Florida where elected officials are leading the charge to ban sex ed textbooks, censor school curriculum, and ban access to necessary abortion care. We are here today, emboldened and empowered to continue the fight for our sexual and reproductive rights. Thank you for your support and attendance at this event.”

Christie Pitney, Co-Founder of the Abortion Freedom Fund, stated “We are excited to be partnered with Wisp and SIECUS for the Art for Abortion fundraiser event in Miami. Medical abortion now accounts for more than 50% of all abortions and many people are accessing it via telehealth. Our organizations are working together to normalize and destigmatize abortion. We must continue to fight back against the political and legal barriers to accessing all forms of reproductive health care, including abortion. We thank you all for your donations and commitment to supporting abortion access.”

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SIECUS: Sex Ed for Social Change has served as the national voice for sex education for almost 60 years, asserting that sexuality is a fundamental part of being human, one worthy of dignity and respect. Through policy, advocacy, education, and strategic communications efforts, SIECUS advances sex education as a vehicle for social change—working toward a world where all people can access and enjoy sexual and reproductive freedom as they define it for themselves.

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The Abortion Freedom Fund simplifies access to care by funding patients, clinics, and reimbursing local funds. This helps local abortion funds to continue to focus their funding on people seeking procedural abortions, while also increasing access to telehealth abortion. Abortion Freedom Fund advocates for the full continuum of abortion care from self-managed to clinician-supported and works to dismantle medicalized control of abortion and encourage a world where abortion pills are over the counter. To learn more, visit

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Wisp is the largest provider of sexual and reproductive telehealth services in the US—providing fast, affordable, high-quality care for all. Wisp offers a comprehensive selection of products and telehealth services, including prescription medication and OTC prevention for bacterial vaginosis, UTIs, yeast infections, herpes, as well as birth control, emergency contraception, medical abortion, and more. To learn more, please visit