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Trump’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program Shift: A Timeline

The Office of Adolescent Health’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program, or TPPP, has been making headlines in recent months. TPPP was created to support evidence-based programs and innovative approaches to help young people avoid pregnancies and promote their overall sexual health.

However, the Trump administration has different plans for the program. Rather than relying on research, public opinion, and/or the congressional intent of the program itself, Trump officials have worked to use TPPP as a means of steering additional funding into ineffective, shaming abstinence-only-until-marriage programs.

With so much back and forth around TPPP, we created a timeline of events, starting with the creation of the program itself, and continuing through the Administration’s latest attempt to manipulate an effective, evidence-based sexual health promotion program into yet another funding stream for their harmful and wildly unpopular abstinence-only-until-marriage programs.

Download a PDF here.