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Pull-Out on Digital Advocacy

This Pull-Out from the Community Action Toolkit, is on Digital Advocacy.

The Community Action Toolkit has been updated for the first time in three years to provide updated guidelines regarding the use of digital advocacy in advancing sex education. Further, this update provides guidance regarding parental engagement and youth advocacy and their essential roles in the sex education movement.

“It seems that every day there is a new digital platform for connecting with others. These platforms introduce ever-evolving methods of sharing our thoughts and experiences and, when utilized properly, can be an extremely effective way of advocating for policy change. Because digital platforms have the potential to reach many people with relatively low effort, they can be a good option if you are trying to produce grassroots support for your cause. Additionally, since many digital platforms are so widely used, it’s important that your voice is present among all of the others. Let’s look at some of the different forms of digital advocacy!” Read the full resource here.

Download a PDF of the Pull-Out on Digital Advocacy here.

Download a PDF of the Community Action Toolkit here.