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PrEP Education for Youth-Serving Primary Care Providers Toolkit

In March 2016, the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS), supported in part by funding from Gilead Sciences, Inc., convened an Expert Work Group to address issues surrounding pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) delivery and contribute to the development of an online resource to support primary care providers in offering PrEP to adolescents and young adults under age 25. Expert stakeholders from diverse disciplines convened to identify key concerns as well as barriers to greater primary care provider (PCP) engagement with PrEP. These robust discussions led to the development of the PrEP Education for Youth-Serving Primary Care Providers Toolkit.

The PrEP Education for Youth-Serving Primary Care Providers Toolkit is the only toolkit to date focused on supporting PCPs in providing PrEP to youth. Acknowledging that many excellent resources about PrEP and HIV already exist, SIECUS compiled some of these quality resources and developed new tools to address particular PCP needs in order to create this comprehensive resource.

Each section of the PrEP Education for Youth-Serving Primary Care Providers Toolkit has tools that PCPs can use in delivering PrEP care or in learning about particular aspects of PrEP delivery to youth at high risk of HIV acquisition. The Toolkit includes both original SIECUS tools and existing partner resources offering valuable information to assist youth-serving PCPs become better equipped at educating, counseling, and where appropriate, prescribing PrEP for young people. Download the full toolkit or review the toolkit section by section below.

Introduction and Acknowledgements

Section 1: Clinical Tools
Why PrEP?
1.1 SIECUS Tool: Getting Ready to Offer PrEP
1.2 Tool: Daily Pill Can Prevent HIV (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Vital Signs)
1.3 Tool: PrEP Provider FAQs (New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene)

Offering PrEP in Your Practice
1.4 SIECUS Tool: PrEP Clinical Reference Sheet
1.5 Tool: SAMPLE PrEP Same Day Initiation Policy (Philadelphia FIGHT)
1.6 Tool: SAMPLE PrEP for Minors Policy (Philadelphia FIGHT)

Sexual History
1.7 SIECUS Tool: Taking a Sexual History

Adolescent Development
1.8 Tool: Adolescent Social, Psychosocial and Cognitive Development (Sanders, Pediatrics in Review)
1.9 Tool: Male Tanner Stages (Family Practice Notebook)
1.10 Tool: Female Tanner Stages (Family Practice Notebook)

Section 2: Billing for PrEP
2.1 SIECUS Tool: PrEP Billing FAQs
2.2 Tool: Getting Prepped (Project Inform)
2.3 SIECUS Tool: Helping Insured Patients Estimate PrEP Costs
2.4 SIECUS Tool: PrEP-related ICD-10 and CPT Codes
2.5 Tool: Medication Assistance and Co-pay Programs for PrEP (Fair Pricing Coalition)

Section 3: HIV, Stigma, and Social Determinants of Health
Youth and Social Determinants of Health
3.1 Tool: YMSM: The People Behind the Epidemiological Term [Webinar] (Contact Brandy Oeser at the YMSM + LGBT Center of Excellence, to inquire about available CE)
3.2 Tool: Our Health Matters: Mental Health, Risk and Resilience Among LGBTQ Youth of Color Who Live, Work, or Play in Boston (Report by Fenway Institute, November 2015)
3.3 SIECUS Tool: Young Women, HIV, and PrEP

Building Cultural Competence
3.4 Tool: Building Cultural Competence (Advocates for Youth)
3.5 Tool: Self-Assessment (Advocates for Youth)
3.6 Tool: Test Yourself for Hidden Bias (The Southern Poverty Law Center)
3.7 SIECUS Tool: Creating a Welcoming Office

Understanding HIV Impact: Quick Reference
3.8 Tool: HIV Among Various Groups—Gay and Bisexual Men, Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Age, Incarcerated Populations, Sex Workers, Economically Disadvantaged (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
3.9 Tool: HIV Among Young Men Who Have Sex with Men (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
3.10 Tool: Vital Signs HIV Among Youth in the US (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
3.11 Tool: Youth of Color-At Disproportionate Risk of Negative Sexual Health Outcomes (Advocates for Youth)
3.12 Tool: Black Americans and HIV/AIDS (Kaiser Family Foundation)
3.13 Tool: Trans HIV Testing Toolkit Module 1: Get the Facts About Trans People and HIV (University of California San Francisco Center for Excellence in Transgender Health)
3.14 Tool: HIV and Injection Drug Use in the US (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Section 4: Youth and HIV Laws and Policies
4.1 SIECUS Tool: Youth and HIV Laws and Policy Considerations
4.2 SIECUS Tool: State Policy Table

Section 5: Additional Resources
5.1 SIECUS Tool: Additional Resources by Topic