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Ensuring Equitable Access To High-Quality Sexual Health Care Services

This report aims to address sexual health care in a comprehensive and integrated fashion by: providing a political and financial overview of sexual health care services, including the federal policies and funding mechanisms that support access to services, as well as the barriers to accessing services; offering a definition of high-quality sexual health care services that integrates the often segregated aspects of care including reproductive health care and STD testing and treatment; examining the unique sexual health care needs of five subpopulations: adolescents, gay men and men who have sex with men, transgender and gender non-conforming people, the incarcerated, including those in the juvenile justice system, and the aging; and providing specific recommendations for ensuring equitable access to sexual health care services.

It is our hope that by researching and summarizing what is currently in place and providing accompanying recommendations of what high-quality sexual health care services can look like in the future, this report will help move our field closer to ensuring accessible, affordable, and confidential sexual health care services for people at different ages and stages of life.

Download a PDF of Ensuring Equitable Access To High-Quality Sexual Health Care Services here.