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Community Action Toolkit

We know that people all across this country—regardless of their political beliefs or geographic location—overwhelmingly support sex education.

But, due to a small but vocal group of folks who organize with the sole purpose of opposing sex education, this basic human right continues to be denied to young people in communities everywhere.

The key to overcoming this kind of opposition is to tap into the support that already exists by making people aware of the facts and providing them with the tools they need to take action.

That’s why we created the Community Action Toolkit!

The Community Action Toolkit has been updated for the first time in three years to provide updated guidelines regarding the use of digital advocacy in advancing sex education. Further, this update provides guidance regarding parental engagement and youth advocacy and their essential roles in the sex education movement.

The Community Action Toolkit (CAT) gives you the tools you need to become knowledgeable about sex education, build support in your state or community, implement sound policies, and institute or defend effective sex education programs that support and affirm young people’s right to honest information.

The Toolkit is designed to serve as a resource for all advocates: students, parents, teachers, school administrators, health professionals, youth-serving professionals, policymakers, and concerned community members.

Download a PDF of the Community Action Toolkit here.