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2021 Sex Ed Legislative Report

As 2021 state legislative sessions begin to convene, sex education advocates face significant challenges in advancing comprehensive sex education nationwide.  State legislatures are continuing to adjust their legislative sessions to practice physical distance and virtual legislative sessions. Despite these limitations, several state legislatures will consider legislation in 2021 that has the potential to impact the ability of young people to receive advanced sex education and to access reproductive and sexual health services.  

 SIECUS has identified notable trends in related topics that have the potential to limit or advance access to more comprehensive sex education and reproductive and sexual health services for young people. The SIECUS’ 2021 State of Sex Education Legislative Overview highlights the numerous opportunities to advance policies on both the state and national level, and to grow local and national public support to influence the next 4+ years regarding comprehensive sex-education.  

SIECUS 2021 State of Sex Ed Legislative Overview