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Pro-Family Groups Denounce New “Sexual Diversity” Program in Buenos Aires’ Schools

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman,

BUENOS AIRES, February 5, 2009 ( – Pro-family organizations in Argentina are asking the Chief of Government of Buenos Aires to veto legislation that would establish an ongoing campaign to promote the homosexualist ideology in the city’s public schools, the media, and the health system.

The campaign is to be implemented through a "Sexual Rights and Diversity Plan," which will also promote the participation of homosexuals and transsexuals "in the formulation of regulations that guarantee their rights" and the organization of "events, commemorations, and an agenda linked to the issue." It passed the city’s legislature 47-0 in December of last year.

The nation’s Association of Catholic Attorneys blasted the plan last Friday, noting that it seeks to "do away with the natural order, which sustains a healthy and harmonious society, while upsetting the traditional way of life of the Argentinean population."

"Because of the emblematic character of the city of Buenos Aires, it will inevitably be contagious. The Association of Catholic Attorneys urges the Chief of Government, Mauricio Macri, to exercise his veto against this attack on the common good."

Their objection was echoed Monday by representatives of Argentina’s Action for Life and Family, who acknowledge that people with homosexual tendencies should be treated with respect, but warn that the plan represents a "manipulative" program that "is done in the name of a deceptive invocation of tolerance, among other false or erroneous reasons."