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Moroccan Government Blasts Attempts by Gay Lobby to Subvert Moroccan Society

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman,

MOROCCO, April 4, 2009 ( – Following several incidents in which homosexual organizations and individuals have sought to legitimize their behavior in public, the government of Morocco has announced that it will begin to vigorously enforce the nation’s laws against homosexual behavior, according to the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

Late last month, Morocco’s Ministry of the Interior issued a statement denouncing the fact that "voices are being raised, through the media, that are trying to defend the ignoble forms of behavior that constitute a provocation of national public opinion and do not acknowledge the moral and doctrinal values of our society."

The Ministry then affirmed its "firm determination to confront, within the framework of the existing laws, all actions against our [religious or moral] values."

The announcement by the Moroccan government comes in response to an increasingly public homosexualist movement in the country, highlighted by media interviews with a homosexual "rights" organization, Kif Kif ("Love Love"). The organization also announced recently that it would hold a seminar that seeks to cover issues of "Gender and Sexuality".

"The seminar will host experts and lecturers who will present their points of view about how Moroccans can develop their sex life," a Kif Kif spokesman told the Arab news service Alarabiya, and also stated that "We will tackle the issues at the seminar with extreme caution, and we are not trying to provoke anyone."

The interviews and the announcement of the seminar has sparked outrage throughout Morocco, where the mostly Muslim population strongly opposes homosexual behavior. The nation was also shocked by the appearance of an open homosexual on state television in recent months, as well as a homosexual "wedding" in which a man paraded through the streets with another man, dressed as a female bride. Participants in the event were arrested and prosecuted.

Morocco has been under pressure from the United Nations and the homosexualist "human rights" organization Human Rights Watch to legalize homosexual behavior. The Spanish ambassador in Morocco has also attempted to promote homosexualism in the country. However, the Moroccan government remains steadfast in its rejection of such policies.

Moroccan sex researcher Hassan Serrat told Alarabiya that he believes Kif Kif is receiving foreign assistance from British and Spanish homosexualist groups, because the organization is too small to carry out such activities on its own. Moreover, he pointed out, Spanish homosexuals have expressed outrage at recent crackdowns on homosexual activity in the country. Kif Kif denies the accusation.