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Middle School Students Need Sex Education Now, District Says

Fonda-Fultonville, NY

Compelled by reports of sexual activity among high school students, the Fonda-Fultonville School District plans to implement a sexuality education course for seventh and eighth graders before the school year ends.

The proposed curriculum would discuss sexual decision-making, including a risk-benefit analysis of abstinence and sexual activity, birth control methods, prevention and transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, and building healthy relationships. Educators from Planned Parenthood will be presenting the lessons.

The district’s sense of urgency was met with mixed emotions during an April 9th meeting. One father was wary of the instructors of the expected materials fearing that inviting Planned Parenthood in puts the schools on a “slippery slope” towards birth control distribution.1 In contrast, a mother was surprised that the district lacked such an education program and was supportive of the curriculum. “I always thought that my child was being taught, on some level, about this,” she said.2

Parents can remove their child from the course altogether or only from particular lessons. The father confirmed he would remove his child from the class, while the mother said she would use it to supplement the dialogue she and her daughter already have.3

Parents will receive information about the new curriculum and participation options when the curriculum is finalized.


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