Sexuality Education

House Republicans Roll Back Health Care Rights

For Immediate Release
May 4, 2017

Contact: Kristina Romines
Phone: (202) 265-2405 ext 333

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today the U.S. House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act that will take away health coverage for 24 million people and block access to care at Planned Parenthood.

Statement by Sexuality Information and Education Council of United States (SIECUS) President & CEO, Chitra Panjabi:

“There is no doubt that the bill passed by House today is anything but a devastation to the progress that we have made as a country toward ensuring all individuals’ access to quality, affordable health care. SIECUS believes that all people have the right to equitable health services, including those ensuring their sexual health and well-being. Rather than supporting the health and rights of those who are sick, older adults, women, and those who are already the most vulnerable such as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, people of color, and survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence, this bill puts additional burdens and costs on those seeking the health care they need.

We must demand more of each other and our policymakers than advancing political wins at the expense of our individual human rights and collective human dignity. SIECUS stands with the millions of people who will continue to fight against this bill and other future efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act to protect the lifelong health and rights for all people.”


SIECUS affirms that sexuality is a fundamental part of being human, one that is worthy of dignity and respect. We advocate for the right of all people to accurate information, comprehensive education about sexuality, and sexual health services. SIECUS works to create a world that ensures social justice and sexual rights.