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Honduras Passes Law Prohibiting Abortifacient “Emergency Contraception”

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman,

TEGUCIGALPA, April 7, 2009 ( – The Honduran National Congress has passed a law banning the sale of so-called "emergency contraception" which in fact causes abortions as well as preventing pregnancy, according to local news reports.

Also known as the "morning after pill," the drug contains a hormone that, if received after a new human life has been created, prevents it from attaching to the uterine wall, resulting in its death soon afterward. It is washed out in the following period.

Although opponents of the bill tried to claim that the drug does not cause abortions, they were contradicted by a statement by the Honduran Medical College, which recognized the abortifacient properties of the pill.

The representative who presented the legislation, Liberal Party member Marta Lorena Alvarado, said that the heavy doses of hormones represented by the "morning after pill" could have devastating health effects on young girls.

Girls are purchasing the drug on the black market, she contended, in order to avoid the consequences of their behavior after a night of "partying". The morning after pill, she said, is "causing a long-run poisoning in girls, in accordance with a statement by the Honduran Medical College, so we aren’t pulling this out of our sleeve, this is an issue that they have been studying for years, regarding which even the World Health Organization doesn’t have a definite position."

Following the vote, which took place last Friday, Honduran Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez commented that "I heard some doctors talking about emergency contraception. That’s an ugly euphemism to hide a crime. There can never be an emergency to end a life, because if one has irresponsibly transmitted life at least one should be responsible in respecting it."

"When a people doesn’t know how to defend the innocent, the unborn, it is a people that is going to fall into the worst moral degradation," he added. "The majority of the deputies have taken note that the pill is abortifacient."