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Government minister meets with pro-lifers as a formality, pushes for abortion

Catholic News Agency

Madrid, Spain, Apr 6, 2009 / 03:36 pm (CNA).- Dr. Gador Joy, spokeswoman for the Spanish organization “Right to Life,” said that the meeting held last week between the Minister of Equality Bibiana Aido and representatives of those opposed to a bill meant to expand abortion in Spain was “a propaganda tool to give the impression that she is listening to society.”
Dr. Joya, who attended the meeting together with two professors and doctor, denounced Aido for making a final statement about the meeting without having listened to the participants. Joya represents more than 2,000 scientists who have signed the “Declaration of Madrid” in support of human life
“During the hours prior to the meeting with the defenders of the right to life, the minister warmed up for the meeting by confirming to feminists that as soon as she has finished the draft of the new law, she would set another date with them to consult with those organizations,” Joya explained.
According to those who were at the meeting, “Aido manipulated and distorted the contents of the Declaration of Madrid by saying that the Government ‘defends life just as much as anti-abortion associations do, but that it cannot be subjected to extreme religious views.’ Right to Life is simply asking that a woman’s pregnancy be considered from a scientific point of view.”
“Minister Aido has met with 20 pro-abortion groups but with only two organizations that defend life,” Joya added. “The Government ignores the people and scientists and is going to continue ahead with its pro-abortion measure for merely ideological and economic motives.”
The meeting with Aido “was just for appearances, it was only a propaganda tool to give the impression that the Government listens to society,” Joya stated.