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Gays, persecution and lies: the eternal soap opera

Julio Severo, Defend the Family International

Aguinaldo Silva, a writer of soap operas for the Brazilian TV Globo Network, invented in his soap opera “Duas Caras” scenarios where evangelicals are violent, irrational and dangerous against gays. And homosexuals are portrayed as innocent little angels…

Faced with this kind of scenarios, any nation would be supposed to grant asylum to the “victims”.

The big problem is that the real victims of the soap operas of Aguinaldo Silva — and of TV Globo — are evangelicals, who suffer prejudiced characterizations.

Aguinaldo Silva has a justification for his dirty work. He has always been a leftist and gay militant. Such is the work of liberals against Christians and their values: to defame them, smear them, abuse them and, in the final stage, achieve the level of torture and martyrdom.

TV Globo has the homosexual obsession of the Lula administration in Brazil. While the Lula administration has an official program entitled “Brazil Without Homophobia” — which indoctrinates the Brazilian population to love sodomy above God and the Bible —, the non-official politics of Globo is “Globo Without Homophobia” and “Globo Without God”, equally indoctrinating, through soap operas and other shows, the Brazilian population to love sodomy above God and the Bible.

What if it were the contrary? What if Globo had a non-official politics “Globo Without Gays”? Would gay militants set forth the same politeness evangelicals show when Globo soap operas portray evangelicals as pugnacious Neanderthals whose only wish is beat and kill a lot of homosexuals?

Would not they do furious manifestations, demanding the closing of Globo and the end of all state assistance to it?

As to the Christians generally and evangelicals particularly, Globo knows that it can trample on them at will, because the maximum reaction of the evangelical population is to manifest some light and fleeting protest and later forget the case. In response, Globo yawns.

Differently from Christians, no homosexual activist ignores any minimum “insult” to his chosen lifestyle.
However, away from soap operas reality is harsh with evangelicals. Since they arrived at Brazil, they faced hostilities, prejudices and — yes — martyrdom. All of this for the Gospel’s sake.

In the whole world, 200,000 Christians are yearly executed: evangelicals, Catholics, etc. They are killed for the Gospel’s sake.

Never in the human history 200,000 homosexuals were killed yearly, for the sodomy’s sake. After all, is anal sex worthy to die for?

Literally, millions of other Christians live today under the threat and direct daily violence from totalitarian communist or Muslim governments.

Does the United Nations discuss the wretched situation of those silent victims? Even in soap operas those persecuted Christians are not remembered.

While the Globo soap operas are busy with scenarios of fake “victims” to assist the pro-homosexuality agenda of the Lula administration and of the UN itself, the actual victims suffer tortures and murders.

The most recent Globo “soap opera” is the news article from G1 entitled: ‘Estamos sendo injustiçados’, diz gay brasileiro que pede asilo nos EUA (‘We are suffering injustice’, says Brazilian gay requesting asylum in the US).

If Brazilians know how to use inventive lies to get an American visa, what about gays? What could a Brazilian gay allege to conquer asylum in the US?

Brazilian gay Genesio Januario Oliveira Junior accuses Brazil of “persecution” of gays — and Brazil has today the most pro-homosexuality administration in the Brazilian and world history. He requests asylum in the right time and right place, because Barack Obama has the same pro-homosexuality obsession Lula does.

If the Brazilian gay grumbles about persecution in Brazil, why to leave for the US? In the issue of political and legal support to homosexuality, Brazil is today years ahead of the US.

The irony is that the US, where the “persecuted” gay wants to go, was founded by actually persecuted evangelical Christians. They founded the US as a nation where people might have freedom to worship God.

Yet, no one could imagine that such freedom would be in the future distorted to favor the worship of sodomy. And no one has ever imagined that one day sodomy itself would be used as a justification to defame, smear and abuse Christians. From refuge for persecuted Christians, the US is becoming a refuge for homosexuality and a dangerous place for Christians.

While millions of Christians around the world suffer for Jesus’ sake, the US of Obama and especially Brazil of Lula fight so that everybody may have privileged access to sodomy in all possible ways, with mandatory pro-homosexuality indoctrination on Christians and on everyone not seeing the “beauty” and “normalcy” of anal relation.

Between “persecuted” gays fabricated by soap operas and soap operas news and between persecuted Christians in real life, the Obamas and Lulas prefer to sit on a comfortable couch to watch soap operas.
With pro-sodomy politics in Brazil and in the US, is any wonder that a Brazilian gay would eventually use the “persecution” soap opera to get asylum in the US?

Truly besieged by such pro-sodomy fever, a Christian in the US and especially in Brazil may easily be accused of “homophobia”, for merely declaring what God declares in the Bible about homosexuality.
The difference is that he does not have the right to use soap operas to request asylum. But he has real life as testimony: for the sodomy’s sake, the US of Obama and Brazil of Lula (and next is UN) decided that those who love God and the Bible above sodomy do not have the right to live a life without persecution.
Together with their privileged right to oppress Christians, gay activists have also the right to present themselves as “victims” in need of asylum. Welcome to the age of the oppressing victims”!

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