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Tell your senators: Drop Kavanaugh TODAY!

After multiple stories of sexual assault, Republican Senators are still trying to push Kavanaugh’s nomination through – and we need you to stop them.

Two women – Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez – have risked their reputations and their safety to go public with their stories of sexual assault by Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump’s pick for a lifetime spot on the Supreme Court.

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Republicans’ remarks on Ford already showed that they have no interest in or capability of conducting a fair hearing.

They’ve dismissed it as a “little hiccup” (Sen. Dean Heller, R-NV), made light of sexual assault by joking about a Supreme Court justice getting “groped by Abraham Lincoln” (Rep. Ralph Norman, R-SC), and vowed to “plow right through” on Kavanaugh’s confirmation no matter what (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KY).

Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans have proven that they are ill-equipped and unwilling to do anything but cling desperately to their deeply flawed nominee. That’s why SIECUS is calling for the Senate to drop Kavanaugh from consideration.

And we’re asking you to tell your senators the same.

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