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Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) Federal Fact Sheet 2021

Young people have the need for—and the right to—sexual health information, education, and skills to help ensure their sexual and reproductive health, pleasure, and wholeness throughout their lives.


The Need For Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE)
We can all agree that we want the young people of the United States to grow up to be healthy. We can also agree that a positive, safe and inclusive learning environment ensures young people are able to access the information they need to to develop critical thinking skills about their health. Despite this, research shows we are failing to provide young people with the foundation of sexual health information and skills they need to lead healthy lives. Just 42.8% of all high schools and 17.6% of middle schools in the US provide all 20 topics identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as critical sex education topics. 1 Learn more in the full report.


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