Advancing sex ed for social change since 1964.


SIECUS advances sex education through advocacy, policy and coalition building.


SIECUS envisions an equitable nation where all people receive sex education, are affirmed in their identities, and have power to make decisions about their own health, pleasure, and wholeness. 


  • SIECUS recognizes that good sexual and reproductive health is a human right.
  • SIECUS advances comprehensive sexuality education as a means of building a foundation for a long-term culture shift that will positively impact all levels of society, particularly issues of gender and racial equity, sexuality, sexual and reproductive health, consent, personal safety, and autonomy.
  • SIECUS commits to working to dismantle the systems of power and oppression which perpetuate disparate sexual and reproductive health outcomes and incubate stigma and shame around sex and sexuality across the intersections of age, race, size, gender, gender identity and expression, class, sexual orientation, and ability.
  • SIECUS applies an intersectional lens to ensure people’s real lived experiences inform our policy, education, and strategic communications work.

Core Areas of Work


  • Educate advocates and policymakers about providing rights-based sexuality information and education at the federal, state, and local levels.
  • Provide technical assistance to state and local partners for education, advocacy, and/or lobbying purposes.
  • Lead, strengthen, and develop partnerships with other organizations, coalitions, and initiatives to advance policies that promote positive sexual and reproductive health outcomes across the lifespan
  • Publish reports, data, and analyses to inform policy and advocacy work in sexuality, sexual and reproductive health and rights.


  • Enhance educator, advocate, parent, youth, clinician, partner, and public understanding of the current state of sexuality education in the United States and opportunities for improvement in both policy and practice.
  • Publish toolkits and reports to inform and educate various constituencies on comprehensive sexuality education and quality sexual and reproductive health services.
  • Partner with national, state, and local organizations to promote standards elevating the provision of quality sexuality education.
  • Provide training and technical assistance to stakeholders on how to use resources to improve sexuality education implementation, evaluation, and policy development.


  • Shape cultural and societal narratives by applying a multi-faceted approach in all communications with a strong organizational website, social media presence, relevant opinion pieces, and bold position statements.
  • Educate and inform the broader public through media appearances, speaking engagements, and other high visibility activities.
  • Expand our communication channels with partners using both traditional and social media to educate, inform, and mobilize communities.

Download SIECUS’ Strategic Framework (Updated in April 2018)

Download SIECUS’ full list of Position Statements.

Reprint Permission for SIECUS Publications

SIECUS produces numerous publications each year. All publications are copyrighted. It is our goal for these publications to have a wide distribution which is why most are available free of charge on our website. Educators wishing to print, photocopy, or distribute SIECUS publications as course material do not need express permission, however, we ask that they include the following line on all publications:

“Published by SIECUS, 4315 50th Street NW Suite 100, PMB 4605 Washington, DC 20016,”

Organizations and universities who wish to distribute large quantities (over 200) of reprints (either physical or electronic copies) must get express written permission from SIECUS. Publishing companies wishing to include SIECUS publications or portions of SIECUS publications in a commercially available book or textbook, must get express written permission from SIECUS.

SIECUS reserves the right to charge reprint fees. To inquire about reprint permission, please email


Join us as we work to advance sexual health and rights nationwide.