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Missouri: It’s Perfectly Controversial – Opposition Targets Acclaimed Book for Kids
The Francis Howell School District, a half hour&
Nebraska: Rhyme and Reason at Stake in Teen Poetry Broadcast
High school senior and state poetry champion Mic
North Carolina: Nun on the Run after Divisive Remarks at Catholic High School Assembly
Charlotte Catholic High School (NC) was the scen
South Carolina: Opposition Seeks to Bury “Fun Home”
By Emer Valdez, SIECUS Program Research Intern
Missouri: Audio Tape Shows Discrepancies in ‘Show-Me’ State Speaker Dust-Up
By Emer Valdez, SIECUS Program Research Intern
Florida: High School Senior Expelled for Adult Video Work
At Cocoa High School in Brevard County, FL contr
Tennessee: Elementary School Flap over Condom Awareness Billboard
South Park Elementary School in Memphis, TN beca
Florida School District Overhauls Outdated Sexuality Education Policy
By Emer Valdez, SIECUS Intern The Broward Coun
“Erin’s Law” Introduced in 19 States During Recent State Legislative Sessions
by Emer Valdez, SIECUS Intern Three years afte
Federal Budget Process & Posturing
As previously reportedby SIECUS, President Obama
Senators Gillibrand and McCaskill Combat Military Sexual Assault
By Renee Botelho, SIECUS Intern Senators Kirst
Wisconsin: Shorewood School District to Adopt Supportive Transgender Policy
By Emer Valdez, SIECUS Intern In March2014, th
Executive Action Related to Health of Marginalized Young People
By Kendall Karr, SIECUS Intern Earlier this ye
Sexuality Education Opt-In Legislation Introduced in Kansas
By Emer Valdez, SIECUS Intern On February
Toying with HPV – New Research on the Effectiveness of Cleaning Sex Toys
Source: Teresa Anderson, et al., “A Stud
What Works in Bullying Prevention? Researchers Find Many Questions Still Unanswered
By Kendall Karr, SIECUS Intern   Source
Middle School Sexual Health Programs: Are Their Effects Still Evident at Grade 10?
By Kendall Karr, SIECUS Federal Policy Intern
African-American LGBT Individuals and Same-Sex Couples: What Are Their Challenges?
By Kendall Karr, SIECUS Intern Source: Angeli
Sexting in 7th: At-Risk Middle Schoolers’ Sexual Messaging and Sexual Behaviors
Source: Christopher D. Houck, David Barker,
Leading Sexual Health Organizations Release National Teacher Preparation Standards for Sexuality Education
April 28, 2014 In an unprecedented unified eff
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