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Today's the Day to #ProtectOurCare

June 23, 2017

Yesterday, Senate Republicans finally revealed the “Better Care Reconciliation Act,” which would repeal the Affordable Care Act.

To say that the name of the Senate bill is misleading is an understatement—its passage would mean anything but ensuring better care for people in this country.

That’s why it’s critical Congress hears from you today!

The Senate bill would mean that:

  • Low-income people would pay more for less health insurance;
  • Medicaid expansion would be phased out;
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) funding would be cut by 12% with the elimination of the Prevention Fund;
  • Essential Health Benefit protections, including maternity coverage and prescription drugs, would be gutted; and
  • Planned Parenthood would be “defunded.”

Access to health care coverage and care are critical not only to ensure sexual and reproductive health, but also for one’s overall health and well-being.

It’s more important than ever that your Senators hear from you in the coming days.

Call today to tell your Senators to #ProtectOurCare!

Want some tips to make your call easier? Use SIECUS’ Six Step Guide to Calling Congress.

Your call can make a difference!

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