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2016 State Legislative Round-Up
Sexuality Education Activity Across the Country

SIECUS is pleased to announce the release of 2016 State Legislative Round-Up: Sexuality Education Activity Across the Country. The report identifies bills from state legislatures, highlighting notable activity related to either advancing or restricting progress toward comprehensive sexuality education.

2016 State Legislative Round-Up Report Highlights:

  • Ninety bills were introduced or carried over from the prior session related to sexuality education instruction in our nation’s public schools.
  • Five bills were enacted in Maryland, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Virginia. Three new laws in Maryland and Virginia advance sexuality education and two new laws in Mississippi and Oklahoma restrict science-based sexuality education.
  • Sixty-three percent of bills sought to improve the quality of sexuality education. The need to enhance the quality of educators, the number of years of instruction, and the inclusiveness of the content was reflected among these bills in addition to other instruction topic and content requirements.
  • More than one in four bills posed threats to the quality of instruction and undermine the rights of young people. These attacks came in the form of opposing standards-based instruction, promoting misinformation and an anti-abortion agenda, requiring opt-in written permission, and diluting sexual health instruction into other topics.

For more information or assistance on how to utilize the 2016 State Legislative Round-Up to support policies that enable quality comprehensive sexuality education in your state or community, please contact Kristina Romines, Policy and Communications Coordinator.

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