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2015 Sex Ed State Legislative Report

January 27, 2016

As legislative sessions kick off in states across the country, SIECUS is pleased to share our latest publication, 2015 Sex Ed State Legislative Year-End Report: Top Topics and Takeaways. The new report provides an analysis of themes, implementation implications, limitations, and considerations to inform future strategies in assessing the184 bills related to school-based sexuality education introduced in 42 states last year, resulting in 18 new laws in 14 states.

Emerging focus and emphases on topics such as healthy relationships, affirmative consent, electronic communication, and LGBTQ inclusion are areas in which comprehensive sexuality education supporters can push state and local leaders to enable policies that provide more of the information and skills young people need for their lifelong health and wellbeing.

While legislative action is merely one pressure point for policy change when it comes to sexuality education, it can be critical in directing that change for better or for worse. We hope that the 2015 Sex Ed State Legislative Year-End Report will be a useful tool for CSE advocates to stay on top of advancement opportunities or brewing controversies around state legislative activity in the coming year.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to SIECUS with feedback, updates, concerns, or requests as we progress through 2016. Contact Kristina Romines, SIECUS Policy and Communications Coordinator at for questions or more information.

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