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New FOA Released and Continued Call for Reviewers


The SIECUS Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) webpage has been updated to reflect a new FOA from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Division of Reproductive Health. The resource page now includes a summary factsheet, full announcement text, and webinar information for the anticipated Working with Publicly Funded Health Centers to Reduce Teen Pregnancy among Youth from Vulnerable Populations funding announcement.

OAH Stil Seeking TPPI Application Reviewers

In addition, the Office of Adolescent Health (OAH) continues to seek individuals with expertise in adolescent sexual health to serve as external reviewers for proposals submitted under the five TPPI funding announcements. Reviewer applications are now being accepted on a rolling basis. 

The ideal TPPI reviewer is a critical thinker who will be able to independently identify and articulate the strengths and weaknesses of a proposal compared to the criteria of the FOA. Reviews will be done remotely rather than on-site, eliminating the need for external reviewers to travel. Reviewers will include researchers, evaluators, educators and others with expertise in teen pregnancy prevention, sexuality education, and adolescent sexual health promotion. With the diversity of FOAs expected, even if you work for an organization likely to apply for TPPI funding, you can still serve as a reviewer; the only restriction being that you must disclose and recuse yourself from reviewing submissions for the particular FOA your organization has applied for.

To Apply:


1) Email, subject line “Reviewer Application,” including a letter of your interest in being a reviewer and your area of expertise related to the TPPI funding opportunity applications and attach a CV or resume; or

2) Go to the OAH web site’s Reviewer Registration page and complete the application process.

Our nation’s young people deserve the best sexuality education available, and federally-funded teen pregnancy prevention programs can play a role when selected by experts with a commitment to inclusiveness and medical accuracy. SIECUS is available for further assistance in considering and developing your grant or reviewer applications; please contact Kelsey Van Nice at or 212-819-9770.

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