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Six Step Guide to Calling Congress

Share Your Support for Sex Ed: Tips for Calling Congress

1. Call 202-224-3121 to be connected to your Senators and Representative. (Find your Senators and Representative using your ZIP code.)

2. Identify yourself: Share your name, city, and state. Make sure to say you're a constituent!

3. Share your message:

  • General support for Sex Ed: Young people need and have the right to sex education that supports their lifelong health and wellbeing. I urge Senator/Rep. [Name] to support funding and policies that advance sex education.
  • Support adolescent health funding: I believe that young people need evidence-informed and medically accurate and complete sexual health information. I urge Senator/Rep. [Name] to protect funding for the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program and support funding for the CDC's HIV prevention efforts in schools.
  • End abstinence-only funding: More than $2 billion has already been wasted on abstinence-only programs, now called "sexual risk avoidance education" that decades of research has found to be ineffective at its sole goal: delaying young people from having sex. These programs also frequently shame, stigmatize, or otherwise ostracize many young people. I urge Senator/Rep. [Name] to support ending abstinence-only program funding once and for all.

4. Thank the staffer for their time (and the Senators'/Rep.'s support if indicated).

5. Repeat steps #1 through #4 with the remaining members of your congressional delegation.

6. Tell us how your calls went through this brief Congressional Calls Feedback Form.

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